Blush Response


BLUSH_RESPONSE is the vehicle for Cuban/American musician Joey Blush’s research into the sonic dimension. Reports occur at sporadic intervals, usually in concurrence with the discovery of new planes of existence. Born in Miami, and now stationed in Berlin, Blush has brought his sound experiments to a worldwide audience. He has toured around the world as a solo artist, and as a member of groups such as Scar the Martyr and Front Line Assembly.

He is also a renown sound designer, having done work for companies like Elektron, Yamaha, Arturia, and programming on records from Fear Factory, Cristian Castro, and many more. Blush expresses his sound through deep meditation with his electronic instruments, focusing on the interaction between human and machine. He seeks to both influence and harness the unpredictability of complex electronic instrumentation, in an effort to create an direct expression of his emotions. This sonic ritualism is exemplified in his prolific reporting of fractalized audio sculpture.

Blush owns the MEGASTRUCTURE label, a haven for sounds on the fringes of reality. You can find his releases on labels such as Schematic, Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, Ant-Zen, Sonic Groove, and his own MEGASTRUCTURE.

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