Naix is the new brainchild of renowned producer Mark Kastner better known as Galaxian. Adding another aspect to Kastners ground-breaking work as Galaxian & Kas.

Forging it’s own identity & unique sound it’s antecedent heritage can be found most closely in iconic labels Warp and Rephlex & luminaire artists like AFX, Squarepusher, Caustic Window, Mike Dread, Clark, µ-Ziq with a strong techno aspects reminiscent of Bjarki, Surgeon, Perc.

An intricate mosaic of barking, overdriven drum work, shimmering orchestral backdrops punctuated by frazzled circuits. Uneasy bedfellows with intimate, string sections, delicate and fragile undercurrents

His debut LP “Remains” was released in early 2023 establishing a cult appreciation & following amongst aficionados. Bold full hardware live shows were enthusiastically received in London and Berlin.

Naix has continued to work on an EP and second album seeing releases and more live performances in 2024/25

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