u.r.trax is a Producer and DJ from Paris, France.
She delivers eclectic DJ performances defending a diverse sound, de facto made by diverse profiles of artists. From trippy techno to rough and cold electro and “backroom” dark trance, u.r.trax advocates an “immersive music for the mind”.
Her first language was music. Drummer since her very tender childhood, she started producing in her early teenage years and focused her self a few years later on techno. In 2020, she releases her first record “Folge Mir” on Hector Oaks’ KAOS. In 2021, she releases her debut EP “Moral Krisis” on the sub-label she was given : “KAOS-URTRAX”.
Her early tracks have been tinted with a classic and driving techno sound. However, her release on Nina Kraviz’ trip (Atom Heart) marks a more psychedelic turn, and her single “Br0ken” on Ellen Alien’s BPitch annonces a wider range of sonic experiments for the future…

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