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BPITCH 024 – Insolate

Insolate Recorded Live at We Are Not Alone 1st of May Weekender at RSO.Berlin 2023.

True powerhouse of the Croatian techno scene, Insolate has been establishing herself worldwide as a DJ and producer for over 20 years. Hailing from Osijek, Croatia, in the far east of the country, she took her first steps as a DJ in 1997 before moving on to European and global clubs.

As a DJ, Insolate is well known for her pure and energetic techno sets. It is clear to anyone who has seen her perform that she is an artist with a lot of experience, but also a lot of inspiration and ambition, and a deep knowledge of techno. She is simply a natural presence in a DJ booth. If you’ve seen her play, you will know exactly what this means.

Listen to the full podcast HERE

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