Dillon – Cry Bebe Single


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Release Datum 2022-07-15



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Full of warmth and lightness, Dillon’s second single, „Cry Bebe“ from the accompanying album ‘‘6abotage‘‘, could easily be perceived as her most pop release. Following the oscillating lead single „<3core“, with which the Brazilian-born artist opened the new album cycle, Dillon presents another aspect of the uncompromising Klangwelt she and producer Alexis Troy have designed for the upcoming album. Listening closely, the second harbinger appears lyrically ambivalent and stunned: „What goes up crashes down, for every high a comedown“, sings Dillon calmly in her usual brittle voice before asking, „Cry Bebe“ to take away the depth of her pain. Dillon’s second single also deals with pain and despair, but instead of fostering this, Troy’s production offers relief and serenity through contradictory driving beats and warm synths. It is precisely this emotional interplay that makes this artistic collaboration so contemporary and complex, for everything can and may coexist. The accompanying album „6abotage“, her first album statement since 2017, which Dillon describes as „a love letter, call for help and consequence all in one“, will be released in October.