Bitte Everyday!

von DJ Europarking aka Dollkraut

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Künstler DJ Europarking
Featured /
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Kat. Nr.
Release Datum 2022-10-21
Art EP
Format 12" Download Stream


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12" standard black vinyl



DJ Europarking (aka Dollkraut) lands on UFO Inc. with his debut EP ‘Bitte Everyday’. The Dutchman has a penchant for spirited playful music…

‘Boompahpah’ gets things rolling with dense beats, a high-octane tempo and a choir-driven breakdown. ‘20inch Chrome’ is a madcap cut that uses a variety of hip hop-esque samples, sirens and a tribal chant. On the flip ‘Bitte Everyday’ utilises breakbeats and a mixture of rapping, chanting, and zany effects to enchant the listener. Finally ‘Like Trampolines’ features hefty beats alongside an incendiary riff that is sure to cause havoc on the dance floor.