Secrets EP

von Linn Elisabet & Stina Francina

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Künstler Linn Elisabet
Stina Francina
Featured /
Remixes von /
Kat. Nr. UFO10
Release Datum 2024-05-13
Art EP
Format 12" Download Stream


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Next up on BPitch sublabel UFOInc. is an essential linkup from two rising Berlin-based talents, Linn Elisabet and Stina Francina.
Bringing with them two distinct approaches to music production but a shared vision of techno’s weirder corners, Linn and Stina go all in on their first joint release together, fusing sonic abstractions into a release that never loses sight of the club.
With a classically trained musical background, Linn explores reverberant soundscapes and complex arrangements with a learned ear, but a firm rejection of the rigid forms that often taint formal musicality. Promoting a sense of non-compliance in their sonic palettes, they offer a contemporary and transgressive interpretation of techno that strives to reimagine reality and desire.
Having fostered her passion for electronic music in intimate, underground spaces, Stina’s approach to production is rooted firmly in affect; carefully weaving fragile emotional narratives with a generous sensitivity. With a particular penchant for old school trance, her sound is often coloured by a feeling of melancholy and hope.