Earth EP

von Maxime Iko

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Künstler Maxime Iko
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Kat. Nr. BPX031
Release Datum 2023-10-27
Art EP
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BPitch heads into subterranean spaces with their next EP, a four-track package by Parisian producer and DJ, Maxime Iko.
Having cut his teeth in the early 00s Paris underground scene, Maxime started out his career as a DJ alongside DJ Wild at the infamous Les Bains Douches, before going on to launch his own queer parties – ‘Cockorico’ and ‘Le Bal Con’ – enacting a deep commitment to supporting alternative queer scenes, and a growing passion for dark, sensual beats.
With his third for BPitch, Maxime explores a fine-tuned affinity for gothic aesthetics and heavy rhythmic frameworks, crafting four expertly arranged cuts of wonderfully eerie techno for the early hours.
Earth is an homage to the spaces that have influenced Maxime throughout a lifetime of commitment to supporting the underground. It’s also an irresistibly danceable package of sleazy, unrelenting techno.