Goldener Strom Remixes 2

von Rosa Anschütz

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Künstler Rosa Anschütz
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Kat. Nr. BPX020RMX2
Release Datum 2023-01-27
Art EP
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As the impact of Goldener Strom, Rosa Anschütz’s debut LP for BPitch, continues to be felt far and wide, we bring you the second instalment from the remixes package. This two-track release contains compelling reinterpretations from Aasthma and Umfang. Both artists are renowned for their maverick take on electronic music, and their reworks pay homage to the original works in unique style.

Aasthma takes a considered approach with his remix of ‘Sold Out’, composing a downtempo cut that honours the original vocal with a highly emotive instrumental. Sombre drones drive the low end, while a solitary string amplifies the emotional power of this stirring rework.

On the flip, Umfang channels her distinct sound into a spacious and tempered revision of ‘Polished’. Rosa’s vocals reverberate through this stripped back cut. Subdued drums and bass give the vocals plenty of breathing space on a carefully poised composition that complements Aasthma’s rework.