Goldener Strom Remixes 3

von Rosa Anschütz

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Künstler Rosa Anschütz
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Kat. Nr. BPX020RMX3
Release Datum 2023-04-21
Art EP
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Rosa Anschütz’s acclaimed album, Goldener Strom, further consolidated her position as one of the most crucial artists of the moment. For the ongoing remix series, she invites contemporaries from a wide range of genres, expanding the album into uncharted territories.

For this third remix package, Rosa enlists Dollkraut and Gudrun Gut, who each spin standout tracks from the album into essential remixes.
Dutch producer and DJ Dollkraut inverts Rosa’s melodies on ‘Peak’ into an electro-inspired dose of broken beats, whilst Gudrun Gut – a pioneer in many genres over the years – weaves the title track into an abstract sphere of industrial minimalism.