Goldener Strom Remixes 1

von Rosa Anschütz

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Künstler Rosa Anschütz
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Kat. Nr. BPX020RMX1
Release Datum 2022-11-25
Art EP
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With Rosa Anschütz’ LP Goldener Strom picking up widespread praise, BPitch presents the first instalment of remixes from Ellen Allien and Métaraph. The album will undergo a transformative process, with several remix packages reimagining Rosa’s stunning works due for release in the coming months.

Ellen sprinkles a little Allien magic on ‘Their Blood’. Piston-driven beats pulsate alongside a stirring backdrop of gnarly synth work and Rosa’s unmistakable voice. Midway through, she incorporates a huge, melodramatic breakdown that sets the tone for the second half of this thrilling interpretation. In the past year, the prototype version of ‘’Their Blood’’ became an absolute festival staple among Ellen’s selection and a secret sensation for crowds all over the globe. In its final form, it is to be finally unleashed upon all.

Métaraph takes charge of the second remix, putting their unique spin on ‘Intuitive’. Potent drums slam down, while Rosa’s vocals and a cacophony of bright sounds and effects counteract to the powerful percussive arrangement and grizzly low end.