Sol EP

von Sue Lèwig

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Künstler Sue Lèwig
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Kat. Nr. BPX035
Release Datum 2024-04-19
Art EP
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Arriving for her BPitch debut is the Berlin-born artist, producer and live act Sue Lèwig offering up a radiant three-track EP, aptly entitled Sol.

With a profoundly physical connection to music, she aims to stir up and break new ground. Full of power, rebellious and passionate, she triggers emotion and strives for a feeling of social togetherness and freedom.
The result on this debut for BPitch is a high-octane package of fast, impeccably produced techno imbued with an undeniable warmth and physicality for the senses.

‘Astron’ sets the scene with a speedy barrage of kick drums and uncanny vocal chops that gradually descend further in complexity with masterfully produced rhythm patterns taking the lead.
Next up is ‘Drake’, a charged-up spiral of driven beats. Guided by menacing vocals from another world and face-melting distortions, both floaty and fiery in equal measure.
Rounding off the proceedings is the title track ‘Sol’, a stripped back bassy techno workout lifted by dreamlike pads and vocals that teeter between sung melodies and spoken word, calling to mind a resistant, rebellious, passionate spirit that underpins all her work.
Sol builds a clear aesthetic statement from an artist refining her sound, carefully fusing references to form an EP that is intuitive in its aims and precise in its execution.