We Are Not Alone Pt. 5

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Künstler Various Artists
False Witness
Julian Muller
DJ Mell G
Brutalismus 3000
Phase Fatale
Callum Magnum
Stephanie Sykes
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Kat. Nr. BPX022-PT5
Release Datum 2022-07-01
Art Compilation
Format 2LP Download Stream


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Ellen Allien and the We Are Not Alone collective are back with a second edition of the We Are Not Alone series. A 36-track compilation split into 3 parts, each consisting of 12 cuts, dedicated to the infamous We Are Not Alone event series and the best of Berlin’s underground techno talent.
Ellen Allien’s innovative party series We Are Not Alone was launched in 2016 and remains committed to inviting an exciting crew of artists to perform at the 36 hour events, now in a new home at RSO.BERLIN, where they returned with a bang over 36 hours and 3 floors in May.