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Rosa Anschütz – ‚Goldener Strom‘ LP out now!

‚‘I follow the golden stream…’’ sings Rosa Anschütz in the title track of her new album, in a cold, clear determined voice. Underneath, golden interference buzzes and splashes at first, while cold light lies over the “thick water’’. Followed by powerful beats setting in as the trumpet fanfares of the chorus herald victory over the elements.
“Goldener Strom’’ is Rosa’s second album – an astonishing piece of art. It can be danced to, but one can also listen to it as a conceptual album, it is as full of beats as it is full of thoughts.
On the cover of the album we see the artist in the vastness of a grey shimmering sea – in a blue dress, sitting on a blue Panton chair, symbolizing modernity that has now become historical – sovereignty over history and over art.
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