A warm welcome to Italian-American producer Matasism, who debuts on BPitch with his four-track EP Can You Feel My Soul. Matasism launched his own label Mätäsism in 2017, releasing exclusively via the platform until very recently. He lands on BPitch with an EP that channels the essence of freedom and liberty found in the rave. It’s a compelling EP that blends trance, techno and acid influences into a memory evoking collection of music.

The remake of ‘Can You Feel My Soul’ kicks things off, firing on all cylinders with a hypnotic riff and heavyweight kicks. More layers are added to increase the depth and energy, leading into a mesmerising breakdown. Meanwhile, the original mix has a grizzly bassline spliced with hard-hitting beats.

On the flip ‘Age Of Fantasy’ opens up with a dramatic intro leading into a powerful, enchanting main riff. Vintage sounds with a contemporary flavour. Next up is ‘Space Invaders’, a high-octane cut that utilises a trance-esque oscillating low end to captivate the listener. Get ready for an explosion of energy after the breakdown, transcendent.

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