Can You Feel My Soul

von Matasism

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Künstler Matasism
Featured /
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Kat. Nr. BPX016EP
Release Datum 2022-02-18
Art EP
Format 12" Download Stream


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A warm welcome to Italian-American producer Matasism, who debuts on BPitch with his four-track EP ‘Can You Feel My Soul’. He lands on BPitch with an EP that channels the essence of freedom and liberty found in the rave. It’s a compelling EP that blends trance, techno and acid influences into a memory evoking collection of music.

The remake of ‘Can You Feel My Soul’ kicks things off, firing on all cylinders with a hypnotic riff and heavyweight kicks. More layers are added to increase the depth and energy, leading into a mesmerising break- down. Meanwhile, the following original mix has a grizzly bassline spliced with hard-hitting beats.

On the flip ‘Age Of Fantasy’ opens up with a dramatic intro leading into a powerful, enchanting main riff. Vintage sounds with a contemporary flavour. Next up is ‘Space Invaders’, a high-octane cut that utilises a trance-esque oscillating low end to captivate the listener. Get ready for an explosion of energy after the breakdown, transcendent.