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BPX009 | Ellen Allien releases her new album ‘AurAA’

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Ellen Allien emits a powerful AurAA on new LP.

Ellen Allien – one of Berlin’s most ardent techno ambassadors – proudly unveils her latest full-length ex- pedition into the realms of underground electronica. Brimming with creative energy, Ellen’s new LP AurAA follows her 2019 release Alientronic, and is her third album in three years. Raw, emotive and capable of transporting you from reality to an electro ed fantasy, AurAA explores the notion of unseen energies cont- rolling our planet.

Beginning with the faintest hint of trance euphoria on the downtempo ‘Hello Planet Earth (Breath Mix)’, the al- bum soon moves into more bumpin’ territory with ‘In Music I Trust’ – Ellen’s signature use of vocals-as-melo- dy entrancing the listener. ‘Walking In The Dark’ takes things up a notch further with jabbing percussion and mesmerising atmospherics, followed by ‘Confusion’, a masterclass in heady hypnotic composition. ‘Human’ is a deeply a ecting beatless segue with its drone-esque soundscape. ‘True Romantics’ (released as single today) taps into your emotional centre utilising hard beats and wistful synth lines. Lastly, ‘Traum’ (Dream in English) takes us out of our bodies and into the in nite realm of vibration, as waves of beautifully composed pads and bubbling analogue bass encourage us to transcend into the next astral plane.

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