Boris Werner


House music scholar BORIS WERNER is without a doubt one of the most charismatic figures in the Amsterdam scene, and has been for over a decade. But his personality, great taste in music and extraordinary mixing skills behind the decks have taken him around the world as well. He loves nothing better than bringing his inde- structible grooves to dance floors all over the globe. His gift has also led him to holding two very special residencies in Europe, at Trouw in Amsterdam and Circoloco on Ibiza. When Boris plays his records in a club, any club, time is no longer of importance. It seems a vague concept that you used to know, but don’t anymore. This is where Werner belongs, does what he does best: making people dance. He takes you on an endless journey from cultivated house music to that raw, underground house sound; all with an undeniable phat groove. No matter the time or place, Boris Werner always knows exactly what records to play. The last four years Boris celebrated not his birthday, but his anniversary as a DJ with a legendary marathon set at Studio 80. What started out as a joke to accompany his nickname ‘Wip Wap Werner – Wip Wap, he just won’t stop’ is now a tradition many clubbers look forward to. A clock is set in the dj-booth after which Boris starts playing for however long he pleases, taking the concept of an all-nighter to the next level. He tends to break his personal record every year; in 2014 he played for nearly 23 consecutive hours. Goes without saying Boris Werner is known as a dj’s dj pur sang. However when he does produce his own music -for renowned labels like Voyage Direct, Get Psychical and Rush Hour- it’s ex- cellence all the way. He takes his time in the studio and chooses quality over quantity any day. If that leads to beauties like his remix for good friend Tom Trago (Lost In The Streets Of New York) and beasts like ‘Set It Off’, surely no one will mind his strategy. His mission to cast everyone under his house music spell is continuing in 2016…

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