D. Carbone


Davide Carbone is a Producer, Dj, and Label Manager with a dedication to extolling the Acid and Rave Culture. In the business since 2006. Owner of Carbone Records. Co-owner of Repitch Recordings, Cosmo Rhythmatic, and 3TH Records. Davide’s most known solo projects are D. Carbone and Honzo but his career is also distinguished by many collaborations with the likes Cj Bolland, AnD, Gaja, Shapednoise, WarinD, Luciano Lamanna, VII Circle, Noneoftheabove, Falhaber, Pennik Ettek, Poison Hardy, Deformation Booleenne. During his career he performed at the most important clubs and festivals all around the globe establishing a strong reputation in the Industrial, Acid and Hard Techno scene. His performances are characterized by strong energy which leads people in an experience of upper state in body and mind.

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