Vax Of Love

by Boston 168

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Artist(s) Boston 168
Featured /
Remixes by /
Cat. No. BPX007
Release Date 2020-07-03
Type EP
Format 12" Download Stream


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12" classic black vinyl with regular label



BPitch welcomes Italian acid duo Boston 168 back to the fold as the label’s 2020 campaign continues. The pair produced the ‘909 Therapy’ EP and the back in 2019 after their successful ‚Drops In Heaven’ debut
on BPitch, so it’s a pleasure to have them return with ‘Vax Of Love’, a three-track continuation of their ex- periments with industrial sounds and the timeless appeal of the beloved Roland TR-303 and its squelchy secretions. What we have here is the product of one of Italy’s ‘Motor Cities’, the ghosts of abandoned factories present in every beat, bassline and acid-tinged motif…

First up is ‘Kiss My Accent’, a dense playful cut with a potent analogue hoover effect keeping the energy levels high. Pounding beats propel the track forward, while the analogue riff warps and twists, modulating into various guises throughout. It’s dramatic and tense, moving the listener physically and mentally.

This is followed by ‘Mononucleacid’, which has a morose feeling from the start. The drums stomp down sending shockwaves through the ground as the rhythm grabs you and refuses to let go. We’re taken back with a nineties influence, though the production levels are crisp and contemporary. As the cut progresses Boston 168 cultivate a stirring atmosphere designed to ignite the dance floor and cause uproar.

Finally, ‘Vax Of Love’ takes us into breakbeat territory as the duo put their own spin on a familiar drum pattern. It’s strange and unique, with rousing organ-esque effects working in tandem with cosmic squelch effects and a wistful spoken word sample. The beats switch up, taking on a 4×4 rhythm at one point, Boston 168 showcasing their creative flair with this one. The intensity increases after a short breakdown, leading us to the interstellar ending…