by Ellen Allien

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Artist(s) Ellen Allien
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Cat. No. BPX001
Release Date 2019-05-17
Type EP
Format CD 2LP Download Stream


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From beyond our universe, the Alientronic invasion arrives on Planet Earth

One of the great ambassadors of Berlin techno, Ellen Allien presents her brand new album ‘Alientronic’. This is a body of work rooted in the city where it was recorded, Ellen’s home and the place where she discovered techno sparking a love a air that will burn for infinity.

‘Alientronic’ was recorded during the cold winter months in Berlin at the end of 2018, a time when creativity hits a peak in the city. Sub-zero temperatures and dark nights keep the artists locked away indoors,  finding time and space to journey inwards and tap into the deepest recesses of their creative energy.

The album represents an artist who is brimming with ideas, years of experience breathe life into Ellen’s work – it’s re ned, yet liberated, informed by the past but very much looking to the future. Ellen disseminates classic techno and acid tropes through her visionary lens, vocals are looped and warped, tough beats slam down as stirring pads coax us into an emotive realm and we’re privy to a spellbinding other world full of mysterious exotic allure.

Is it a hallucination or are the electroterrestrials already here among us?