Cyber City, Vol.1

by Exos

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Cat. No. BPX033
Release Date 2024-03-15
Type EP
Format 12" Download Stream


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Standard Black Vinyl



With an illustrious career that dates back to the mid-90s and often sees him being praised for his experimental dub techno, Arnvidur Snorrason has in fact worked frequently with faster tempos, as exemplified by his output in latter years. It’s in this speedier lane that he travels on Cyber City Volume 1, sitting comfortably in the faster end of his BPM range for an all gas no brakes trip into the vast unknown.
Diving straight into the deep end, opening track ‘Open Your Mind’ is a hard hit of unrelenting kick drums, intoxicated upward spirals and skittering percussion, leaving no time for warm-ups. ‘We Are In Control’ follows up swiftly with an equally high-octane dose of face-melting rave stabs that get progressively more insane each time the cavernous kick drum drops back in. Murkier territory awaits on ‘Buzzer’, an after hours mix of low end frequencies and distorted hi-hats to close off accordingly.
Cyber City Volume 1 finds Exos striking the perfect balance between chaos and composure, teetering between expansive landscapes and molecular sonic detail across three equally strong cuts.