Pray For Us

by Maxime Iko

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Artist(s) Maxime Iko
Featured /
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Cat. No. BPX005
Release Date 2020-03-20
Type EP
Format 12" Download Stream


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12" classic black vinyl with regular label or classic black vinyl with handstamped label



The Parisian Maxime Iko delivers with „Pray For Us“ the follow-up EP for his BPitch debut „Concilium“ from 2018 and sounds as rousing, playful and danceable as rarely before. His music has always been based on
a strong groove, concise basslines, pitched down vocals and a sensitivity to the sexually charged energy of the gay parties that Maxime Iko co-organized in the French capital. The resident DJ from Ellen Allien‘s We Are Not Alone raves goes even further with “Pray For Us” and presents four equally strong tracks between hyperactive techno and retrofuturistic electro vibes – the theme of the EP is various visions of the apocalyp- se. A1 number „Dagyde“ sets a jagged pace with its stray arpeggio theme and bone-dry claps – the perfect start to visualize his fondness for playfulness and an otherwise rarely found subtle humor. The title track „Pray For Us“ comes with Maxime Iko‘s bell-colored signature sound cascades, a simple but effective bass line and pitched vocals about a religious apocalypse – a deep prime time techno cut for dark, sweaty rooms. B1 „Telekinesis“ then slows down the pace and catapults you into the outer orbit of Saturn with its dramatic Detroit theme. And with „Words“ Maxime Iko closes this EP with a concentrated electro techno track that cuts deeper and deeper into the cortex.