Dancing For Freedom EP

von D.Carbone

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Künstler D. Carbone
Featured /
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Kat. Nr. UFO11
Release Datum 2024-06-28
Art EP
Format 12" Download Stream


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D. Carbone steps up for the next entry on UFO Inc. with four exhilarating energy boosts.
Raised in the Vesuvian area but a longtime resident of Berlin, Davide Carbone has spent years honing in on a bold, industrial-leaning sound that targets the body and mind in equal transcendence. His aesthetics are seemingly on the harsher side, but underneath each phrase lies a carefully arranged sonic mapping that weaves together the raw, the delirious, and the euphoric. As a producer and DJ who works across multiple aliases, Davide’s commitment to the culture has been firmly planted over many years of exploring the weirder corners of techno, working with a wide range of beloved labels and performing across the globe.
For his debut on UFO Inc, he focuses on a clear sonic paradigm, considering the fusion of uplifting, trance-y breaks and contrasting hard rhythmic frameworks in order to craft a unique space between two extremes.