La Música Es Dios

von Ellen Allien

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Künstler Ellen Allien
Featured /
Remixes von /
Kat. Nr. UFO3
Release Datum 2019-11-25
Art EP
Format 12" Download Stream


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12" classic black vinyl with regular label



Ellen Allien Keeps It Raw with the Third Release from Her UFO Label

Ellen Allien returns with the third release from her label UFO Inc. Focused on a raw aesthetic, UFO Inc. serves as a space for artists to explore the dark, rugged side of the music. On this third installment from the label we get three deliciously dark productions…

First out of the block is ‘La Musica Es Dios’ , which comes in two mixes. On the first mix the mood is upbeat with bright frequencies and skipping beats. Though, once the main body of the track comes in, a menacing swathe of analogue growls and snarls at you with aplomb. A breakdown tinged with 8-bit leads us into a rousing sec- tion of the track before another slight break ushers in more menace in the low end.

The second works from the deeper tremor of its juddering bassline, subtle beats tease this cut along with a contagious rhythm. As a master of vocal hooks, Ellen skillfully introduces a distorted clip that repeats over and over as the drama unfolds. Wistful pads and a sombre riff keep it melancholy.

Finally, ‘Junge sein’ (german for ‚being a boy‘) penetrates our minds with its punchy drums and snares. The pace is quicker and more energised with a pervading sense of dread emanating from the background. This cut is downright nasty, with a sneering riff and shadowy atmospherics. Rough, rugged and raw analogue technoid funk from an unknown future.