Rosen EP

von Ellen Allien

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Künstler Ellen Allien
Featured /
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Kat. Nr. UFO6
Release Datum 2022-01-10
Art EP
Format 12" Download Stream


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12" black vinyl



Our Allien leader returns to the UFO bringing with her fresh auditory space signals. Ellen Allien’s latest EP on her UFO Inc imprint marks the sixth release from the label and features four original cuts from the pioneering Berliner. As you may expect from Ellen, the release is packed with raw emotion, rave motifs and unrelenting energy in her own inimitable style.

‘Rosen’ kicks things off merging melodrama and emotive atmospherics followed by ‘N2020’, a pounding techno stomper. The EP closes with two versions of ‘KCKC’. Firstly, it’s the ‘Epic Mix’, then the original version. KCKC became Ellen’s personal anthem of her balcony sets during covid lockdown.