Point Of No Return EP

by Lucinee

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Artist(s) Lucinee
Featured /
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Cat. No. BPX037
Release Date 2024-06-21
Type EP
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Berlin native Lucinee steps up for a solo EP on BPitch, delving into trippy new territory across three tracks.
Having cut her teeth in the underground music worlds of Hamburg and Berlin, Lucinee’s approach to musicality is grounded by a firm DIY mentality and a desire to explore the weirder, more hypnotic realms of the sonic sphere. With regular gigs at some of the world’s most respected clubs, and a host of releases on various beloved labels, she is already part of the BPitch booking roster, but makes her sonic debut on the label with this EP.
Across just three tracks, Lucinee packs in a world of sound design, fusing warm psychedelic swirls into driving techno with touches of ambient, whilst using her voice as an instrument throughout. The result is a masterclass in hypnotism and groove, with touches of nostalgia and the beating pulse of a packed dancefloor.