by Sunil Sharpe

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Artist(s) Sunil Sharpe
Featured /
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Cat. No. BPX004
Release Date 2020-01-24
Type EP
Format 12" Download Stream


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12" Choose classic black vinyl with regular label or classic black vinyl with handstamped label strictly limited to 50 copies. First come first serve!



“Etaci” is the banging debut EP of Irish techno DJ and producer Sunil Sharpe on BPitch

The first release on Ellen Allien’s BPitch Label in 2020 comes from Sunil Sharpe, an outstanding Irish DJ and producer known since the early ’00s for his raw, individualistic techno. After records on Works The Long Night, Mord and his own label On The Hoof, “Etaci” is the Irishman’s first solo release in three years.

The titletrack sets the tone with its powerful beats and memorable gnawing sequences: funky, extremely physical and with its “Just A Dream” vocal, which lays like a veil over a squeaky Acid screw, psychedelic to the right degree. The A2 piece “Timber” picks up on this theme and marches with whispering Acidlines, voices from the haunted house and funky Chicago House reminiscences in the direction of a break, in which a bewitched melody, bird chirping and choirs push the whole thing in the direction of ritual dance cult music. Sunil Sharpe then modulates sinistre sequences on B1 “Amun”, where Synth Stabs occasionally shoot light into the darkness – for the special moments on the dancefloor, which are ecstatic and self-contained at the same time. The B2 number “Ukkin” finally sends Morse codes from the 90s Chicago basements, extremely funky and compelling contemporary.