We Are Not Alone Pt. 7

by Various Artists

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Release Details

Artist(s) Ellen Allien
Andree Bohlin
DJ Physical
Rhys Fulber
Ayako Mori & Raul Alvarez
Lady Maru
Under Black Helmet
Featured We Are Not Alone
Remixes by /
Cat. No. BPX040-PT7
Release Date 2024-06-07
Vinyl Repress 2024-07-30
Type EP
Format 2x12" Download Stream

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Standard Black Vinyl



Returning for the seventh edition of the beloved WE ARE NOT ALONE compilation series, Ellen Allien and BPitch Berlin curate an unmissable collection of twelve new tracks celebrating the global underground that has influenced the label since its inception. Due out in May, it is to be followed by two further installments landing later this year.
With the announcement of this ambitious new compilation, BPitch continue to expand on their limitless roster, providing a reflection of the artists who have been involved in the WE ARE NOT ALONE event series from across the world. These events put a kaleidoscopic lens to electronic music from all over, championing a vision of culture that is far-reaching and inclusive in both spirit and sound. With contributions from rising talents and established heroes alike, WE ARE NOT ALONE Vol. 7 is a testament to the pluralism of one of electronic music’s most beloved record labels, and the family of artists that make it what it is.