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The Art of Alan Oldham: Black Gravity 13.08.2020

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The latest vernissage from Detroit-born artist designer, illustrator, DJ and producer Alan Oldham.

Oldham has done art and design for such legendary electronic music labels as Transmat, +8, KMS, and Djax-Up-Beats, and has more recently done works for Houndstooth, MORD, and Dark Entries.

He has also done t-shirt design collabs with such brands as Cavempt (JP), Extro (JP), Ellen Allien (DE), and Ghostly International (US).

AO has previously mounted art shows in Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, and Detroit. His work is currently on display at the Design Museum London as part of the exhibit “Electronic: From Kraftwerk to the Chemical Brothers,” and can also be seen in the new Laurent Garnier documentary, “Off The Record.”

Music for the evening will be fully curated by DJ Lisa Q. Bring your mask (or buy an AO original!), all COVID-19 guidelines will be followed.

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